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Monday, 25 April 2016

Morning magic

Everyone knows if you apply make up too soon after moisturiser, that by your 10am bathroom call your makeup has slid from your face and is now covering your knee caps. These products sink into the skin so fast due to their liquid texture so that you're ready to apply the rest of your face in a heartbeat. 

I consider myself a "normal people" ambassador for the brand, but they aren't actually aware of me yet; but they're missing out big time by not hiring me to be their only spokesperson! Howdy Ho! (Not sure if that's actually a saying or not?) 

Anyway to the glittery stuff.. Literally. LancĂ´me has a new skin care line out called "Energie De Vie" and it's based around your morning routine - i.e. it sinks in super quick, gives your skin an energy boost, makes you look fresher and more awake as well as being hydrating. I've only been using these for the past few days but I already agree with all of them!  

The "smoothing and plumping pearly lotion" Is a product that you apply before the moisturiser (cleanse & tone as usual) to give an extra boost of hydration. It's not necessary to have this product but it works super well with the moisturiser especially if your skin is on the drier side. It's a clear liquid when it comes out (although the glittery bottle is misleading - I thought it may at least contain 98% fairydust) and is best applied with a cotton pad. As soon as it touches your skin you feel cooler and fresher, as well as taking in the beautiful fresh scent. As said a million times, it absorbs in super quick so you don't have to wait more than a few seconds before you can apply the moisturiser! 

The moisturiser "energie de vie liquid care" seems very misleading - people think because it's a liquid it's not as hydrating, but this isn't true! I found it works just as well on my skin as my usual hydra zen does, and it leaves my skin feeling a lot cleaner and fresher than the heaviness of the hydra zen. (However I don't mind heavier creams as long as they do their job!) if you have dry skin you may want to apply slightly more than usual for extra hydration.

Instantly you feel as though you've had cold water chucked over you and you're ready to trot on with the rest of your day! It's a beautiful feeling they give you - I personally don't think you can beat the feeling of cleanliness and freshness and these are top of their game! These products work great on all skin types as they're not too moisturising that they can't be used on oily skin due to their light liquid complex and they're hydrating enough to be used with dry skin, so they really are an all round product!

There is also a night mask in this range "energie de vie nuit sleeping mask" - I have tried samples but I haven't truly applied it enough to give an accurate review but from what I have used it seems to compliment the other products well. You can apply it thickly and leave on for 10/15 minutes and wipe off once a week, or you can apply it like a usual night cream 2/3 times a week for an extra hydration boost whilst you sleep. I personally think you can really tell once you've used this product at night and then use the other two in the morning! My skin has never felt better although I fully understand it takes a while for your skin to adjust. So far, so VERY good! 

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